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*Music from the film available now on iTunes & Spotify including the Be Like Trees Song & the Chris Livingston Thirty Years Unplugged Album... 

Be Like Trees is an independent feature film shot entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus. Essentially a love letter to art and an exploration of personal tragedy, the story centers around real life actor and artist Brian Drolet and his group of friends and the struggles that come with pursuing a career in the creative fields. Brian, fed up, and recently dumped by his agent, and several months of rent in debt must decide if it's time to quit pursuing his dreams and start pursuing a steady paycheck. His friends suggest giving stand up comedy a try but riddled with anxiety Brian can't seem to even make it to the sign-ups let alone the stage. The film is made purely from love, and hoping to bring you some joy, oh, and yes, there's a cartoon squirrel that sings and can harmonize like a there's that, too...trailer and more info coming soon! Please subscribe and follow us on social media! And remember to Be Like Trees. :)

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