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We're simply three guys who wondered what if you could create an entire feature film using just an iPhone. No crew, no lighting, no make up, just the camera and the assets we had before us. That's one of the reasons we decided to focus the story on our actual lives and use ourselves and where we live as the sets and subject matter because it was built in production value from the start.

Brian Drolet (on the right) is originally from Queens, NY, and started his acting career in NY theaters as well as several MTV shows where he met Jordan Eubanks (center) who is originally from North Carolina, the two became best friends and went on to both star on season one of MTV's The Hills as well as started producing independent films together. That is how they met Chris Livingston (on the left), an NYU Graduate Film School alumni, while making the indie feature Dumbbells, a comedy about a gym staff. 

Collaborating and operating in such a freeing medium we decided to take advantage of all the iPhone had to offer, and along with a Moondog anamorphic lens, an Osmo Mobile gimbal, and some lavaliere mics we set out to shoot a full feature not worried about big names or big budgets and instead focused on heart and story. 

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